Students Hate Everything About Trump’s SOTU Quotes – Until They Find Out They’re From Obama

A new video shows that many people hate lines from Barack Obama’s State of the Union addresses — as long as you tell them it’s from Donald Trump’s.


In a video shot at John Jay College by Campus Reform, reporter Cabot Phillips reads lines from past State of the Union speeches by Obama.

In response to one quote about ISIS, a man says, “Well first off, ISIS is fake. It’s something the government made up so they can continue doing what they want to do, which is world domination.”

Another person said, “Donald Trump should like, you know, mind his own business and just like focus on America, because he’s the president of the United States, not of the whole world.”

When it was revealed that the quotes were Obama’s, many were surprised, but a few also admitted that there is a bias against Trump that causes people to have negative opinions of him.


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