Wikileaks Has Struck Again: ‘Drops New Clinton Emails’

New emails directly from the “Clinton Clan” have just been released by WikiLeaks. They tweeted this link out this morning.

The top comment on the Tweet is brutal. It reads: “You telling me with a white house that leaks and fires people like this you don’t have one BIT of leaked info on things Trump is doing? He’s stopping a lot of public reports, including on Afghanistan for ex.. This is how I know you’re a fraud. The bias, the bias, the bias.”

Fair enough: WikiLeaks certainly needs to remain objective and expose Trump’s Administration for their ongoing war crimes in Yemen, or their ongoing war crimes in Pakistan. Perhaps no info exists on Trump’s admin that can be published in such a way by WikiLeaks yet.

On one hand, Julian Assange made headlines recently blasting Trump for being a war criminal in Yemen, and being subservient to the Saudis.

There is enormous credibility any person should give to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, because the people who they exposed, from the Bush Administration war criminals to the Clinton clan, they hurt a lot of people. They killed, lied, and hurt a lot of people.

It seems that in 2018, critical thinkers, activists, and people really badly need something to get them back into the game of thinking and researching.

People really need a reason to care, and digging through a new WikiLeaks release is certainly a good reason to care: it’s something to do.

So hopefully people will pick up on this opportunity to have something to do and they will look through this document, which can be found at this link.


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