Oh, NOES! How could we have missed celebrating World Hijab Day yesterday?

Five years ago, a Muslim woman in New York dec

ided to invite other women to experience what life is like in America when you wear a an Islamic supremacist headbag. Her purpose was to introduce her pain to others in hopes that no one will ever have to go through the emotional trauma simply because of the love they have for their faith.

Wearing the jihab is NOT a a choice, it’s an obligation of the most misogynistic culture on earth. There is no requirement in the quran for women to cover their heads. But Muslim men have made women and girls feel obligated to wear it, or face the consequences -including death – if they fail to comply)

World Hijab Day  Nazma Khan, a New York native, initiated this global movement with the intent of bringing awareness on a subject that’s very dear to her and millions of Muslim women across the globe. While growing up in NYC, she was harassed both physically and emotionally on numerous occasions, especially following  9/11.

A short message of gratitude from the founder of

— World HijabDay (@WorldHijabDay) February 1, 2018

Consequently, on February 1st, 2013, she asked her fellow sisters of all faiths across the globe to don the hijab for one day.  Within eight days, she got responses from women residing in 67 different countries that represented a conglomerate of religious backgrounds, to include Christians, Jewish, Pagans, Wiccans, Rastafarians, Buddhists, Atheists etc.

Additionally, WHD presented an opportunity for teachers to understand why their Muslim students wear the hijab. It also provided non-Muslim mothers a chance to better understand their daughter’s faith and the decision to wear hijab.

The negative perception on hijab allowed people to act upon their fears and hurt innocent women without a real and existing threat.  WHD simply presented an opportunity for everyone to learn about hijab and its importance in the Islamic faith without perpetuating the negative generalizations in today’s society.

This year women are being asked to post a photo of themselves wearing a headscarf on social media using the hashtag #iStand4Hijab.

World Hijab Day (WHD) is an annual event in its sixth year. On February 1st of every year, World Hijab Day Organization asks global citizens of all faiths to wear the Hijab (head-covering) for a day in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide.

The overall mission of WHD is to create a more peaceful world where global citizens respect each other. Particularly, WHD focuses on fighting bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslim women. This is most crucial in these times where Hijab is being banned in some countries while in other countries, Muslim women are being targeted and harassed verbally and physically.

Below are some of the headlines: (What she doesn’t tell you is that most of these “headlines” about hijab-grabbing turned out to be false – with Muslim women making the false accusations for attention)

Muslim Women Have Been Attacked at Multiple Colleges Since Trump Won (Vice)
Queens Muslim Woman 19: Pair Yelled Remove Hijab (NY Daily News)
Muslim High School Teacher Told Hang Yourself With Hijab (NY Daily News)
Muslim Girl’s Hijab Ripped Off in Front of Students (Times of India)
UW Bothwell Investigating Possible Hate Crime Against Muslim Women (Seattle Times)
California Woman Robbed Called Hijab-Wearing B* (NY Daily News)

New York State Senator, Roxanne J. Persaud, issued an endorsement of World Hijab Day stating, “It is said that “knowledge is power”: World Hijab Day presents an opportunity for us to learn about this religious custom, thus leading to less discrimination for the women who wear Hijab.: We need to stand together to counter religious intolerance and hate.” (Would you endorse a day where everyone was asked to wear a crucifux or a star of David?)

Muslim women like to desecrate the American flag by wearing it on their heads
Forcing non-Muslim little girls to wear the Islamic supremacist headgear in school

In New York City, they couldn’t find one New Yorker who objected to the idea of the hijab. Of course, none of them were told that the majority of women who wear the hijab, do it because they feel obligated to wear it, lest they incur the wrath of their husbands or families. Many who refused to wear the hijab have been ‘honor’ killed for their “choice.”

In 1958, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Egyptian Muslim audience he was speaking in front of, laughed out loud at the idea of forcing all women to wear the hijab, after the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood demanded that he make if a law.

If the hijab is so important to Islam, why didn’t Muslim women, even in Muslim countries, wear it for decades throughout the 20th Century?

Here’s one honest Muslim woman who celebrates “No Hijab Day.”


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