Muslims Demand Teacher’s Job For Calling Muhammad A Pedophile, School Has 3 Perfect Words

When a California teacher gave students a lesson on Islam, including the fact that Muhammad married a 6-year-old child, the Muslim community had a meltdown. However, as soon as they called for the teacher’s job, the school responded with three brilliant words they never expected.

If Muslims came to the West with swords drawn, as they did during the Muslim conquests, Westerners would unhesitantly reject their ideology and vehemently oppose their invasion. So, the growing Muslim minority chooses political and social warfare through the spread of propaganda.

Of course, this non-violent infiltration doesn’t last forever. Eventually, once they’ve reached a large and powerful populace, their underlying intentions surface. When Muslims are a minority, they call for the jobs of unbelievers who violate Sharia blasphemy laws by insulting or exposing Islam’s critique-worthy tenets. When they are the majority, they call for their heads, as we see in Sharia-governed countries.

As one California teacher discovered, if Muslims quote their Quran’s violent and oppressive commands, it’s freedom of religion. If a non-Muslims points this out, it’s hate speech and Islamophobia. So, when the unnamed educator of a Mesa Union middle school handed students a lesson that merely cited the Quran and hadith’s explicit teachings on child marriage, rape, and domestic violence, as practiced and taught by the prophet Muhammad, the Muslim community played the victim.

Muslim parents Azfar and Carolyn Rodriguez-Quddus complained to the school district, lying that the lesson’s accusations were “inaccurate and disparaging.” However, instead of submitting to their Sharia demands, district superintendent Jeff Turner dismissed their complaint, informing them that the teacher’s actions “were not discriminatory” in any way, according to The Orange County Register.

Additionally, Turner has allowed the teacher to continue conducting the truthful lessons in Islamic law while telling the Muslim parents that if they don’t like the curriculum, they can opt to have their seventh-grade son sit in the library during the lessons.

In a bold move virtually unheard of in today’s submissive, politically-correct atmosphere, superintendent Turner defended not only the teacher’s responsibility to accurately educate students on raw, unadulterated Islam — not the whitewashed version liberals propagate — but also the freedom to speak and think critically of this protected ideology.

According to the newspaper, the curriculum distributed by the teacher states that Sharia law, which all Muslims are religiously required to obey and enforce, gives Muslim men sexual rights over all females not wearing a hijab, allows men to marry prepubescent children like the prophet Muhammad did, and commands Muslims to lie about Islam’s violent fundamentals in order to advance their faith. Of course, all of these statements are backed up with the Quran and hadith, as well as Muhammad’s own teachings, and they don’t even scratch the surface of Islam’s mandates.

Unsurprisingly, the Quddus’ refused to allow infidels who’ve insulted their prophet to get away with such flagrant flouting of Sharia law. Like clockwork, the Muslim family contacted Muslim Brotherhood front group and Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to launch a frivolous legal attack on the school district.

Because neither the designated terrorist group CAIR nor the liberal media can provide any scriptures or Sharia law ordinances to refute these statements, they have resorted to the typical propaganda tactics, calling the school’s decision “anti-Muslim” and “a clear violation of the First Amendment.”

“The main issue at hand with this incident of bullying is that the material was drawn from a website that is clearly intended to promote one religion at the expense of another,” said Masih Fouladi, CAIR-LA’s advocacy manager. “This has no place in our public school system and is a clear violation of the First Amendment.”

In an effort to divert attention from the ugly yet factual statements about their religion, the Quddus’ have pulled their son out of the classroom during these lessons and claim that he feels “uncomfortable” around the teacher, according to KQED News.

“My son has been out of the class for the last two months and he’s been sitting in the library for two hours because he can’t go back to the class and the teacher is still there, teaching whatever he wants to,” Azfar Quddus said.

Disturbingly, they are more concerned with their son feeling uncomfortable about the examination of his religion than the vicious racism, violence, and oppression that their prophet preached and modeled.

  • Quran (4:34) explicitly states that men are superior to women and, therefore, have charge over them in all things. For those women who disobey, the passage commands men to “beat them” until they once again obey.
  • Quran (33:59) calls for men to order their wives, who must obey, to cover themselves with the hijab so that they will be known as believers and won’t be molested. If they do not, the scripture implies that their sexual abuse is justified.
  • Quran (4:2) and (33:50) mandate that while men are only allowed up to 4 wives at one time, they may take as many female sex slaves from the unbelievers as they see fit. Of course, the prophet Muhammad quoted this scripture to his followers to justify his own raping of Jewish captives.
  • Sahih Muslim (8:3309) records 53-year-old Muhammad’s marriage to 6-year-old Aisha and his consummation when she turned 9. This account is not only reiterated in the other accepted Islamic texts but confirmed by none other than Aisha herself.

Additionally, there are over 100 verses in the Quran that incite violence, racism, and oppression, not in times of war or persecution, but “until the unbelievers feel subdued” and “until there is no more disbelief and the religion, all of it, is for Allah.”

These scriptures, which are the basis of Islamic law, have been scrubbed from Western education and replaced with a whitewashed misrepresentation. It’s time for Islam to once again be held under the microscope like all other religions and ideologies for unfettered examination and criticism. No religion has the right to be shielded from speculation, especially one that is so oppressive that it punishes those who do.


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