Muslim Refugees Decline Work, Say It’s Against Their Religion To “Perform Labor” For Americans

It does not take a great economic mind to figure out that the European Union is dissolving faster than a spot of sugar in a hot cup of English tea.

The EU leadership is not as much worried about Britain departing, though this hardly makes them happy, but that other nations will do likewise.

Greece should have fled the EU after the abuse that it saw from Germany.

Sure, Greece very much did bring much of the misery that they saw upon themselves with over friendly social services, they did not deserve destroyed over it.

Many nations, even the US, do this and are not ruined to the extent that Germany mauled Greece.

Don’t be surprised in the least if this happens in more nations soon, such as in Spain. The Spanish are seeing the terrible end result of open border policies as is Norway.

News recently from Norway is telling that after begging to be allowed INTO the EU as they fled the evils of radical Islam in Syria and like areas, they seem in large number to now be refusing to work in certain establishments that serve pork or alcohol.


11 thoughts on “Muslim Refugees Decline Work, Say It’s Against Their Religion To “Perform Labor” For Americans”

  1. Pass a law that they work, regardless religious affiliation, culture or tribal belief. Failure to work automatically severs all assistance, no exceptions. The Quran forbids Muslims to assimilate into any culture other than Islam. No assimilation, nor assistance as simple as that. Their are no “Welfare” nations other then those nations from whence they came. Host nations must not allow Islam to burden them financially, for if they do, that nations economy and financial systems will surly be destroyed leaving their people nothing,, as is the plan of Islam.

  2. Sorry about that folks, but the Quran/Sharia says that Muslims must not put themselves in positions subordinate to infidels. If you’re not a Muslim, that means you. That’s been Islamic idiology for 1400 years.

    1. Mmmm interesting one George. In the Christian Bible it clearly says, ‘Do not give food to those who refuse to work’.

  3. Why would they leave a country they hate, and come to a country that they hate everything about, and then try to change it to the country they left, because they hated it… I think they got that turban wrapped too tight

  4. Note what was said was not willing to work, but not willing to work at “establishments that serve pork or alcohol.” that would be like asking a man of the Amish faith to work at RadioShack.

  5. I am quoting from the Bible and according to Paul, if yu don’t work, you don;t eat. Sooo let them starve and there will be fewer and fewer of them left after starvation. Great solution to their religion. amen

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